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Special Interview With Miriam Beauchamp for International Women’s Day

By 9 March 2021October 9th, 2022Press release

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On the occasion of International Women’s Day, on March 8th, 2021, ABCs Laboratory’s director, Dr. Miriam Beauchamp, addressed an inspiring text to potential researchers of tomorrow.

She began by talking briefly about her background and explained that the research community is generally seen in a fairly stereotypical way in the eyes of the general public and that to really know the reality of it, you have to dive into it yourself. She had this opportunity when she was awarded a scholarship to do her postdoctoral fellowship in Melbourne, Australia. She came away with a much more flexible, enjoyable, and self-taught view of what research is, and this allows for a harmonious fusion between her role as a researcher and as a mother.

She also took this opportunity to express her gratitude to the pioneers who opened doors through which she was able to pass and to her research team, mainly made up of women, who inspire her on a daily basis. In conclusion, she spoke to aspiring researchers and encourages them to become the type of researcher they want to be by seizing the opportunities available to them and heading in the direction of their dreams.

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