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Game-based intervention program for improving reasoning skills and intellectual functioning

The goal was to implement two cognitive interventions, one aimed at improving verbal skills and the other aimed at improving visuo-perceptual skills, to promote success in children with intellectual and learning disabilities


  • 12 to 16 years old
  • 24 participants


The games selected for the verbal program aimed to increase the ability to generate words, expand vocabulary and develop notions of grammar, conjugation and syntax. As for the games selected for the visuo-perceptual program, they required, for example, manipulating pieces to solve “puzzles”, taking into account spatial information, color, shape, etc.


  • Greater Montreal Area

Key Results

Social upheavals related to the COVID-19 pandemic sparked reflection among participants, and their perspectives were categorized into three main themes, each with several sub-themes:


The irreplaceable nature of friendship


The unsuspected benefits of school for socialization


The limits and possibilities of virtual socialization